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We believe that an event of this magnitude with a substantial anticipated volume requires close supervision from top management. WMC will make available their principals on a daily basis, either in person or "on call", and be responsible for the overall supervision of the event. 

Event Manager-We will provide an Event manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the event. They will treat the store as if it were their own, however, respectful of the fact that they are performing a service for our client. Our mangers are highly motivated, seasoned veterans, who coordinate the functions of advertising, merchandising, store display, delivery, financial and most importantly, they are the sales manager. Their job is key and we supply the very best.

Sales Personnel-WMC will provide sales people who work on a straight commission basis. The sales people selected to work in your event will be those best suited to work in your particular store. We will supply as many as are needed to give you the best possible coverage. Our sales people are trained on our "selling system" and work with us all year; they are experienced, professional, and will be a credit to your community. 

A True Selling System-We keep selling after the hype is gone.  We do not employee order takers.  We use highly motivated professionals with great attitudes.  Since we use the same management and same sales force year round we are able to ensure quality and ethical sales techniques.  

Merchandising-In order to maximize the profit of an event, most stores require some remerchandising. If you require supplemental inventory, prior to starting the event, WMC will develop a merchandising plan that will maximize your present inventory. WMC has the highest credit rating that enables us to obtain name brand merchandise for multi-million dollar events.

Guarantees-Not only do we guarantee the dealer a high gross profit margin, we bring more guarantees to the table than anyone.  We do not tell you what we "might do", we tell you "exactly" what we can do and guarantee it in writing.

Advertising-WMC will create an advertising campaign specifically for your market. We will research the market and prepare a mix of newspaper, radio, TV, and direct mail. We will supply all advertising materials and copy for your approval. The WMC event manager will work with all local media on a daily basis to ensure proper placement and coverage.

Set Up & Store Display-A successful event takes planning - lots of planning. Our event manager will be at your store seven to ten days before the event starts to begin tagging and setting the floor for the best possible presentation to the public. 

Control-It is your store, you stay in control.  We will give you and your staff the utmost respect.  It must be a ?win - win? team effort.

Acquisitions-If the dealer prefers to sell their store, WMC is prepared to pay top dollar.

We are professional, as well as sincere, and believe that we can work together for our mutual benefit.  We assure you that no one will work more diligently than WMC, to make your event successful and profitable.

For more information, please contact us today.  

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.



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